Mimic has collaborated with Intuitive Surgical® since 2003. Building off of this partnership, the dV-Trainer delivers a feature-packed solution for robotic surgery training that fits on a desktop.

Unmatched quality and efficiency for da Vinci® simulation training


  • Increases training access for residents, fellows, and novice or advanced surgeons; minimizes proctor supervision
  • Brings the benefits of simulation to the console-side surgeon’s first assistant with the Xperience Team Trainer


  • Provides options for creating customized training protocols


  • Eliminates the needless expense of acquiring a separate da Vinci console for training
  • Moves surgeons quickly up the learning curve for the da Vinci S™, Si™, and forthcoming Xi™ systems (Mimic is the only simulation option for all three platforms)


  • Encourages surgeon adoption of the da Vinci
  • Ensures that the actual OR robot is used for revenue-generating procedures


  • Manages surgical risk by deploying the most extensively validated simulation platform
  • Develops surgical skills through simulation training rather than training on patients or animals

Compact and ergonomic hardware platform

  • Tabletop-sized system minimizes space requirements and maximizes mobility and access
  • Dual-platform capability simulates both S and Si robots, including precise modeling of robot kinematics, foot pedals and master grips
  • Realistic representation of da Vinci workspace, EndoWrist® instruments, foot pedals, and master controls
  • Ergonomic hardware option with height-adjustable table, touch screen, casters, and monitor and keyboard tray

Comprehensive service plan

  • One-year limited warranty and first year service plan included
  • Regular software updates, including new exercises, content, and feature updates to administrative tools and MScore™; previews of new technology and modules

To download more information about Mimic’s technology and published validation studies, visit the Resources page.