Proven, cost-effective training for the da Vinci® Surgical System


The most comprehensive robotic surgical simulation system available

The dV-Trainer®  is Mimic’s full-size, fully adjustable simulator that can be paired with the Xperience Team Trainer and MaestroAR® procedure-specific modules to provide a complete robotic surgical training solution. The dV-Trainer® features a stereoscope, master grips, foot pedals, and force effects that closely emulate the da Vinci® Surgeon’s Console while providing cost-effective and accessible training outside of the OR, when and where it’s most convenient.

Innovation and thought leadership in robotic simulation

First installed at Indiana University’s Department of Urology in 2007, the dV-Trainer® is the original robotic surgery simulator. It remains the only stand-alone robotic simulator that has been independently validated in over a dozen published studies. According to research performed by numerous independent academic and clinical teams, the dV-Trainer® closely reproduces the look and feel of operating with the da Vinci® system. In order to make the dV-Trainer® the most realistic da Vinci® emulator possible, Mimic has licensed Intuitive Surgical® technology related to the da Vinci® robot kinematics, instrument design, vision display, multimedia content, and API.

Access Mimic’s industry-leading robotic simulation software

Various software packages are available for purchase as a perpetual license or an annual subscription to meet every institution’s training requirements and budget. The dV-Trainer® system supports:

  • all Mimic MSim® psychomotor skills software.
  • all Mimic MaestroAR® procedure-specific surgeon-mentored curricula.
  • Mimic’s MScore® administrative software that allows for personalized curriculum development and user proficiency tracking.
  • connectivity to Mimic’s MScore Portal™ and Advanced Analytics for automatic data backups and tracking utilization and proficiency progress from any internet-enabled device.