Prostatectomy Si

Prostatectomy for da Vinci® Si

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Maestro AR Prostatectomy for da Vinci® Si

Maestro AR Prostatectomy for da Vinci® Si is an interactive educational tool exclusively available on the dV-Trainer® and FlexVR™, developed in collaboration with Dr. Henk van der Poel from Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital/Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam.

This Prostatectomy module presents the user with an immersive 3D learning environment, combining footage from an actual case performed by Dr. van der Poel with Mimic’s proven MSim™  simulation platform. Using the dV-Trainer, trainees manipulate virtual 3D robotic instruments to interact with anatomical regions within the augmented 3D surgical video footage.

Procedure steps

Maestro AR Prostatectomy for da Vinci® Si guides trainees through a complete Prostatectomy procedure.  The module is divided into the following steps:

1. Patient Positioning and Setup

2. Lateral Peritoneal Incision and Preparation for Lymph Node Dissection

3. Bladder Detachment

4. Endopelvic Fascia Dissection

5. Bladder Neck Incision

6. Dissection of Vasa and Seminal Vesicles

7. Dissection of Neurovascular Bundles and Sections of Prostatic Pedicles

8. Ligation of Dorsal Venous Complex

9. Apical Dissection

10. Lymph Node Dissection

11. Bladder Neck and Posterior Reconstruction

12. Urehrovesical Anastomosis

Cognitive teaching

Audio narration from Dr. van der Poel provides guidance through all steps of the procedure.  At periodic intervals, trainees must answer multiple choice questions and identify anatomical structures and surgical landmarks in order to proceed through the module.

Skills development

Designed to develop psychomotor robotic skills, this Prostatectomy module includes embedded Suturing, Energy, Knot Tying and Anastomosis exercises designed to match and improve techniques used in this procedure.

Training Assessment

As with all other Mimic simulation exercises, Maestro AR uses Mimic’s pioneering and industry standard MScore™ performance evaluation system.

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