Why dV-Trainer?

Innovation, thought leadership in robotic simulation

First installed as a prototype at Indiana University’s Department of Urology in 2007, the dV-Trainer is the original robotic surgery simulator. It remains the only stand-alone robotic simulator that has been independently validated in published studies. In addition, the Intuitive Surgical ® Skills Simulator for the da Vinci Si Surgical System is based on Mimic’s proprietary simulation technology, MSim™. The combined dV-Trainer/Skills Simulator install base has grown to approximately 1,500 systems, making it the most widely adopted platform for robotic simulation.

Cost-effective and accessible training

Built on a compact, portable hardware platform, the dV-Trainer provides access to training outside of the OR, when and where it’s most convenient. According to numerous independent validation studies, the dV-Trainer closely reproduces the look and feel of the da Vinci system.

State-of-the-art robotic surgery simulation technology

Mimic’s proprietary MSim™ platform powers the exercises available on the dV-Trainer, providing the most realistic and life-like simulation available. MSim is at the heart of Mimic’s mission of helping prepare surgeons to deliver better care. It also has allowed the dV-Trainer to extend the benefits of simulation to now include team training (Xperience Team Trainer) and procedure-specific content (Maestro AR).

Industry-leading metrics and scoring system

For objective performance evaluation, dV-Trainer users benefit from MScore™. Built-in to the dV-Trainer, MScore incorporates experienced surgeon data to establish proficiency-based scoring baselines – an industry first and Mimic exclusive.

Advanced curriculum development and sharing

The dV-Trainer comes with best-in-class administration tools for educators to create, import and export customized training protocols. dV-Trainer curricula can be uploaded and shared on Mimic’s MShare, an online portal for collaboration, providing access to validated simulation curricula from top institutions.