Training modules

Mimic’s dV-Trainer offers more than 60 exercises, the most of any robotic simulator. This extensive training content is suitable for residents, fellows, and novice robotic surgeons, as well as more accomplished practitioners who may have a limited robotic caseload and wish to stay current on robotic technique.

da Vinci® overview and basic skills training

  • Surgeon console overview—Review basic da Vinci functionality, covering topics such as icons, ergonomics and settings
  • EndoWrist® manipulation—Develop EndoWrist dexterity when working with as many as three common da Vinci instruments
  • Camera and clutching—Improve camera control and learn to use the clutch effectively; train while using different motion scaling settings
  • Troubleshooting—Understand common da Vinci error messages and determine how to react to them

Advanced surgical skills training

  • Needle control and needle driving—Develop skill when manipulating needles, including the ability to hand-off and position needles for effective and accurate needle driving
  • Suturing and knot tying—Improve suturing and knot tying technique with a variety of geometries common to robotic surgery, now  including tube anastomosis and tube closure
  • Energy and dissection—Learn to properly apply monopolar and bipolar energy; practice dissection and manage bleeding
  • Games—Enjoy competing with other surgeons while developing robotic surgical skills at the same time

Procedure-specific content

  • Maestro™ AR—Use virtual instruments and augmented 3D case video to advance clinical decision-making and procedural knowledge; refine skills specific to the procedure

Team training

  • Xperience™ Team TrainerEnable the robotic surgeon and first assistant to train together with this optional component for the dV-Trainer.