Validation studies

At Mimic, we understand that independent validation is of utmost importance to our customers. We are proud to say that the dV-Trainer has demonstrated face, content, construct, and concurrent validity in multiple studies. Recent studies have concluded that the dV-Trainer is comparable to dry-lab training on the da Vinci® robot (concurrent validity), and efforts are under way to assess the predictive validity of the simulator.

Mimic’s dV-Trainer was the first commercially available simulator for robotic surgery. The first prototype was installed at Indiana University’s Department of Urology in February of 2007, and it remains the only stand-alone robotic simulator that has been independently validated in published studies.



Face: Realistic look and feel

Content: Useful as a training tool

Construct: Ability to distinguish between Novice and Expert users

Concurrent: Compares to a similar or related construct (Dry Labs, Tissue Lab, etc.)

Predictive: Predicts actual performance in the O.R.


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