Where simulation and reality collide

MaestroAR®  provides procedure-specific learning in 3D augmented reality on both dV-Trainer®  and FlexVR™ robotic surgery simulators. Based on recorded surgical procedures, MaestroAR® allows trainees to immerse themselves in the surgery by using the simulator to control virtual robotic instruments to interact with anatomical regions within the augmented 3D video. Maestro AR® provides opportunities to gain procedural familiarity and to develop decision-making skills.

Procedure training guided by experts

Narrated by influential, globally-recognized robotic surgeon educators, the trainee is guided through a complete robot-assisted surgical procedure, step by step. The trainee manipulates virtual 3D robotic instruments in order to answer questions about the procedure, identify and interact with anatomical regions, and perform virtual reality skills exercises.

A complete procedure-specific curriculum

Implementing both cognitive teaching and robotic skills development exercises, the trainee will quickly learn the key steps, anatomy and strategies for the selected procedure. Training goals include:

  • Identify anatomy and dissection planes
  • Anticipate tissue retractions
  • Learn correct use of monopolar and bipolar energy instruments
  • Learn surgical strategies and decision-making
  • Develop general da Vinci® surgical skills
  • Develop specific procedure-relevant skills

Available for the most commonly performed robotic procedures

MaestroAR® curricula have been developed for the following procedures:

  • Right Partial Nephrectomy, Dr. Indibir Gill, USC
  • Hysterectomy, Dr. Arnold Advincula, Columbia University
  • Inguinal Hernia Repair, Dr. Rick Low, John C. Lincoln Hospital
  • Prostatectomy (for da Vinci Si®), Dr. Henk van der Poel, Netherlands Cancer Institute, EAU
  • Prostatectomy (for da Vinci Xi®), Dr. Vip Patel, Florida Hospital Celebration Health

Coming soon:

  • Lower Anterior Resection, Dr. Eduardo Parra, Florida Hospital
Dr. Indibir Gill
Dr. Indibir Gill
Dr. Arnold Advincula
Dr. Arnold Advincula
Dr. Rick Low
Dr. Rick Low
Dr. Henk van der Poel
Dr. Henk van der Poel
Dr. Vip Patel
Dr. Vip Patel
Dr. Eduardo Parra
Dr. Eduardo Parra

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