Solutions in Robotic Surgery

 Reducing the learning curve with advanced simulation and training

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Effective simulation training requires more than ownership of a simulator. Effective training requires commitment to a comprehensive program!

Mimic’s proven programmatic approach leverages “best-in-class” simulation, cloud-based data collection and advanced analytics that enable objective decisions on privileging and credentialing. By facilitating training outside of the operating room, Mimic enables a rapid climb up the learning curve without wasting valuable OR time. Surgical quality and efficiency are emphasized, while training costs and risk are minimized.


Nearly every surgeon who uses the da Vinci® robot has trained with Mimic's virtual reality platform

  • Mimic leverages extensive data collection and advanced analytics to help surgeons understand how their performance compares to the rest of the world.

  • Surgeon training curriculums can be customized based on simulation and surgical review to minimize the training hours required to maximize performance.


Mimic's advanced analytics help executives assess surgeon risk & efficiency before they enter the OR

  • With +875K da Vinci®  robotic surgeries conducted annually, there is a tremendous opportunity to reduce costs through simulation training and evaluation.

  • With full transparency and easy access to trainee performance data, hospital stakeholders can ensure that only safe and efficient surgeons enter the OR.

Med Device Industry

Medical device companies use Mimic's simulation to optimize robot design and deliver exceptional training

  • Mimic has partnered to deliver simulation with many of the companies launching a minimally invasive surgical (“MIS”) robot.

  • As the universal provider of simulation training, Mimic is setting a common training standard across platforms for robot assisted surgery.