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Variation in Surgical Volumes by Surgeons

A Case Study of the BAUS Audit on Prostatectomy       Recently, there has been ongoing debate around the impact of case volumes on surgical outcomes.  A previous blog post (The Cost Debate in Robotic Surgery and the Impact of Skills) discussed a 2013 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine by Dr.…

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The Cost Debate in Robotic Surgery and the Impact of Skills

Robotic-assisted surgery has grown over the past few years with over 600,000 procedures carried out in 2015. Increasingly, the debate over the clinical value of robotic-assisted surgery is being replaced by a focus on the cost of robotic surgery over other types of intervention.  In an infographic published in 2015, the ECRI institute estimated that…

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Why Credentialing Is Vital To Robotic Surgery And How To Make It Work

Recently, training surgeons and surgical teams has been one of the focus areas in litigation for robotic surgery. Test cases have stated that the responsibility for training, credentialing, and privileging surgeons to use new technologies belongs to physicians and the hospitals where they work. (Taylor v. Intuitive Surgical, WA State 2015). Dr. John Lenihan, Medical…

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