Thornbalde 2021

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Simulation-Based Training in Robotic Surgery: Contemporary and Future Methods

Lucas W. Thornblade and Yuman Fong.

While robotic surgery has grown in popularity and scope over the past decade, there is a persistent need for simulation-based training as surgeons adapt from the working at the bedside to the immersive and multisensory tasks at the console. From dry laboratory to virtual reality (VR) environments, simulation can be used to train surgeons in basic tasks, complex operative steps, and coordination of whole operations with members of the entire operating room (OR) staff. By integrating simulation into mentored training programs, surgeons can reduce the number of cases required to master a complex operation. Future VR based simulation will become essential to the adaptation of the surgical workforce to new technologies and adoption of emerging robotic platforms. Ultimately, robotic simulation will set standards for credentialing of new surgeons.

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