Dr. Nikolaos Akrivos wins da Vinci Simulator Championship at SERGS 2012

Robotic Simulation Competition

Simulator Championship Winner Dr. Nikolaos Akrivos (center) with his mentors, Dr. Anil Tailor (left) and Dr. Simon Butler-Manuel (right), both from Guildford, UK.

An impressive display of robotic surgery skills took place during the da Vinci Simulator competition in Marseille, France at the 4th Annual SERGS Meeting on Robotic Gynaecological Surgery.

Conference participants could qualify throughout the event on four available dV-Trainers. The nine best scores earned a spot in the finals, held in the main auditorium as the last event of the conference. Finalists displayed speed, accuracy, and nerves of steel in 3-way matches on the da Vinci Skills Simulator, co-developed by Mimic Technologies and Intuitive Surgical.

The now familiar “Stacking Challenge” was again used for the final test with Dr. Nikolaos Akrivos of London, UK, prevailing in the end after a hard fought battle with Dr. Kristin Røssaak of Copenhagen, Denmark, and Dr. Sara Imboden of Bern, Switzerland.

Simulation contests on Mimic’s dV-Trainer are a great way for surgeons to hone and test their robotic skills, and are becoming a familiar sight at major robotic surgery and clinical conferences. Competitions will be held this year at BISROCS International Symposium in Beijing, China (July), the SLS/MIRA/SRS Annual Meeting in Boston (September), and the AAGL Global Congress in Las Vegas (November).

Robotic Surgery Simulation Competition

Participants performing the “Stacking Challenge” in the main auditorium with audience following the actions on large screens.

Winner: Dr. Nikolaos Akrivos, London, UK
2nd Place: Dr. Kristin Røssaak, Copenhagen, Denmark
3rd Place: Dr. Sara Imboden, Bern, Switzerland

This year’s event  illustrates the dynamism in the field of robotic surgery in Europe.

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