dV-Trainer® Software Upgrade Provides Surgeons with Enhanced Performance, More Options for Robotic Surgery Simulation and Training

Mimic Technologies announced today the release of MSim™ 2.1, the latest simulation software platform for the dV-Trainer® robotic surgery simulator. MSim 2.1 is being provided to dV-Trainer customers and Mimic research partners worldwide.

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Mimic Technologies MSim™ 2.1 software upgrade enables dV-Trainer customers to perform tube anastomosis and tube closure exercises.

Based on Mimic’s proprietary 3D simulation technology, the dV-Trainer provides the most realistic and life-like robotic surgery simulation for the da Vinci robot in the industry.

The MSim 2.1 upgrade expands and refines suturing and knot tying exercises on the dV-Trainer, improving realism and simulating a broader set of surgical tasks. Six suturing exercises are now fully integrated, giving researchers and institutions confidence that these can now be used in studies and curricula.

Msim 2.1

The MSim 2.1 release brings more than 40 new features and functionality upgrades.

Tube closure and tube anastomosis exercises are available for the first time, providing dV-Trainer users the opportunity to develop more challenging, procedure-relevant suturing skills.

In total, the release brings more than 40 new features and functionality upgrades.

“MSim  2.1 is the latest example of our commitment to providing surgeons with
unparalleled  training and simulation solutions,“ said Jeff Berkley, CEO, Mimic Technologies. “This release offers advanced features and new exercises immediately, yet it’s also indicative of our long-term mission to provide customers with a solid pathway toward new robotic simulation instruments and techniques as they become available.”

The MSim platform provides high quality 3D models of virtual instruments created from the original CAD files for the Intuitive Surgical da Vinci® robotic system. MSim offers unique advantages in user evaluation through proficiency-based performance metrics with MScore™, which contains data collected from more than 100 experienced surgeons with over 75 robotic cases completed.

Mimic Technologies, founded in 2001 and based in Seattle, WA, is a pioneer and leader in robotic surgery simulation and training. The dV-Trainer™ was the first simulator to recreate the look and feel of the da Vinci® Surgery System from Intuitive Surgical. http://www.mimicsimulation.com.