First Portable Robotic Surgery Simulator, FlexVR™, available at AUA 2017

Earlier this year, attendees at EAU in London had a chance to demo the FlexVR™. Now, the world’s first portable robotic surgery simulator will be available at the upcoming AUA Meeting in Boston. (Watch the video + Request Demo)

Top urologists from around the world are expected to attend the 112th AUA Annual Meeting in Boston, May 13 – 15, 2017. The anticipated event features more educational offerings and innovative programming than ever before, and is the perfect place for Mimic Technologies to further showcase the world’s first portable robotic surgery simulator.

Earlier this year, attendees at SAGES in Houston and EAU in London had a chance to demo the FlexVR™ – and the reviews were both enthusiastic and eager about the possibilities of the new system.

The new, portable system includes the same top training programs you’ll find on the full size dV-Trainer®, such as Maestro AR™ with Prostatectomy Xi, Prostatectomy Si, and Partial Nephrectomy – yet the new FlexVR™ surgery simulator is more portable, storable, and flexible. It’s smaller, light weight size makes it easy to transport and ideal for training centers and robotic surgeons looking for a more personal training experience.

FlexVR™ is light in weight but not in power. In addition to the top training programs, it utilizes Mimic’s MScore™ administrative software allowing for personalized curriculum development and user proficiency tracking. MScore Portal™ allows all user data to be stored, backed up, and accessed in the cloud so that your program data is always at your fingertips.

Personal, Portable, Storable, Flexible, be among the first to see what’s inside FlexVR™, schedule a demo now at this year’s AUA in Boston:

Jonathan Henning
direct: 206.456.9172