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Flex VR

The FlexVR™, part of the dV-Trainer product line, is the first robotic console emulator that comes in a compact, portable design with integrated controllers, foot pedals, 3D monitor, glasses, touchpad, keyboard, and armrest. FlexVR™ offers all the industry leading training content and performance tracking features found on Mimic’s full-sized simulator, the dV-Trainer.

Personal: train with customized curricula in your office, simulation center, or the privacy of your own home with all data backed up to the cloud.
Portable: easily-transportable simulation system that can be set up in less than 2 minutes.
Storable: compact and easy to store so that you can configure your space as the day demands.
Flexible: created to be expandable to meet your changing training needs as new robot technology becomes available.

Download the FlexVR™ Brochure Here