Personal, Portable, Storable, Flexible

The FlexVR™ is Mimic’s most flexible training platform and is designed to teach basic and advanced skills of robotic surgery to a wider audience, from medical students to experienced surgeons. The FlexVR™ allows trainees to quickly learn the fundamentals of robotic surgery, such as wristed instrument manipulation, camera control, clutching, energy control, needle driving, and suturing.

Optimize training opportunities

With increasing demands for flexible training space, the FlexVR™ was designed to be the first robotic surgery simulator that can be easily moved, set-up, taken down, and stored, allowing for efficient use of training spaces that can adapt to changing needs. Just unfold the unit, plug in the power cord, and you’re up and running in 2 minutes or less! Train anywhere, even in your own home or office.

Leverage Mimic’s experience and innovation

Designed with input from numerous robotic surgeons and educators, Mimic created a system with features that cannot be found on any other simulator. The 3D monitor is a high-definition, open display with ultra wide viewing angle to allow multiple users or proctors to view the same 3D simulation when wearing 3D glasses. The master controllers were designed with built-in tactile feedback cues to further assist the trainee in developing good habits. The patent-pending armrest design automatically clamps to most desks or tables as the system is opened for ergonomic support and workspace definition. All required components are integrated and stored in one portable unit (including the HD 3D display and glasses, master controllers, foot pedals, locking armrest, keyboard/mouse and power cords), and a custom-designed travel case is available to take your training on the road.

Access Mimic’s industry-leading robotic simulation software

Various software packages are available for purchase as a perpetual license or an annual subscription to meet every institution’s training requirements and budget. The FlexVR™ system supports:

  • all Mimic MSim® psychomotor skills software.
  • all Mimic MaestroAR® procedure-specific surgeon-mentored curricula.
  • Mimic’s MScore® administrative software that allows for personalized curriculum development and user proficiency tracking.
  • connectivity to Mimic’s MScore Portal™ and Advanced Analytics for automatic data backups and tracking utilization and proficiency progress from any internet-enabled device.