Simulation Platforms

Innovation, thought leadership in robotic simulation

As the widely-recognized global leader in surgical robotic simulation and training, Mimic has developed a family of products that can train novices, experienced surgeons, and supporting OR staff alike.


Personal, Portable, Storable, Flexible

FlexVR™ is the first robotic surgery simulator that comes in a compact, portable design with integrated controllers, foot pedals, 3D monitor, glasses, touchpad, keyboard, and armrest. FlexVR™ offers all the industry-leading training content and performance tracking software features found on Mimic’s fullsized simulator (dV-Trainer®).

Xperience Team Trainer

Better prepared surgical teams for better care

Xperience Team Trainer (XTT) is a laparoscopic simulator specifically designed for training the first assistant in robotic surgery. The system features realistic force feedback and adaptable port positioning to emulate common robot setups. The XTT allows the first assist to train independently or in tandem with the console side surgeon.

Partners Simulation Platforms

Simulator for Intuitive Surgical®

Partnership with Intuitive Surgical

Sold exclusively through Intuitive Surgical, the da Vinci® Skills Simulator (dVSS), often referred to as “the backpack”, relies on a subset of Mimic’s simulation software to convert a da Vinci® Surgeon’s Console into a surgical simulator. For da Vinci Xi® owners, advanced exercise packages are available for purchase through Mimic.