Simulator for Intuitive Surgical®

The da Vinci® Skills Simulator™ (DVSS), sold exclusively through Intuitive Surgical®, converts a da Vinci® Surgeon’s Console into a surgical simulator. Commonly referred to as “the backpack”, the dVSS hangs on the back of the Surgeon’s Console and, when connected, replaces the physical robotic arms (Patient Side Cart) and supporting equipment (Vision Cart) with virtual representations of instruments and skills exercises.

Complete fidelity, complete safety

When launched in 2010 for the da Vinci S® system, Mimic’s simulation software provided robotic surgeons, for the first time, an opportunity to use the actual robotic console to practice their skills in a safe and structured virtual reality (VR) environment. Because the simulation is driven by the Surgeon’s Console, the stereoscopic vision, grip, and pedal inputs behave exactly as they would during a surgical procedure, but without the logistics, cost or safety concerns of using the actual robotic arms. Furthermore, the metric collection provided by Mimic’s VR exercises gives trainees a way to objectively monitor and track skills acquisition and improvement.

Developed in collaboration with Intuitive Surgical

Since 2003, Mimic has enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Intuitive Surgical, developer of the da Vinci® Surgical System and the global leader in the field of robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. In fact, the virtual representation of the robot and instruments were created from the original CAD files used to manufacture the actual da Vinci® robot. Mimic works closely with Intuitive Surgical to ensure quality and accuracy of the simulated instruments, robot control, and exercise environments.

Advanced skills exercises now available

The DVSS for the da Vinci S® contains 27 of Mimic’s basic skills simulation exercises. These exercises were upgraded to support the da Vinci Si®  platform in 2012. Two years later, Mimic adapted the exercises for the da Vinci Xi® platform, and simultaneously made available a suite of Mimic’s more advanced suturing and knot-tying exercises. Owners of a DVSS for the da Vinci Xi® can now purchase directly from Mimic two new exercise packages: Advanced Suturing and Knot-Tying and Advanced Procedure-Specific Suturing.  Please contact us to learn more:

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