Mimic Technologies releases MSim™ 3.0 Robotic Surgery Training Platform

Software behind the dV-Trainer® has allowed introduction of procedure-specific content, team training and curriculum development

Maestro AR™ Robotic Surgery Simulation in 3D

The release includes availability of Maestro AR™, the first robotic surgery simulation technology to provide 3D virtual instruments for interaction with anatomy in a 3D video environment.

Mimic Technologies, Inc has released MSim 3.0, the latest version of the software platform that powers the company’s dV-Trainer® robotic surgery simulator. Updated for dV-Trainer customers on a quarterly basis, MSim is the core technology that helps differentiate Mimic as the global leader in simulation and training for robotic surgery.

MSim powers the dV-Trainer’s highly realistic training scenarios, creates the pathway to exclusive new training methods from Mimic, and provides the architecture for custom training curriculum.

The release includes availability of Maestro AR™, a new procedure-specific training module.Maestro AR is the first robotic surgery simulation technology that provides 3D virtual instruments for interaction with anatomy in a 3D video environment. The initial Partial Nephrectomy module was developed in collaboration with Inderbir S. Gill, MD and Andrew J. Hung, MD from the Keck School of Medicine (University of Southern California). It debuted at the American Urological Association (AUA) annual meeting (May 2014).

MSim also enabled development of the Xperience™ Team Trainer, an optional hardware component available for the dV-Trainer. Shipping in July 2014, the Xperience Team Trainer is the only simulator that allows the console-side surgeon and first assistant to train together using modified dV-Trainer skills exercises.

Over the past decade, MSim has consistently brought new advances to dV-Trainer users, including advanced surgical skills exercises such as suturing and knot-tying. And it fosters the evolution of Mimic’s industry-best graphics and life-like 3D rendering. With MSim 3.0, for instance, customers will notice improved specularity in renderings of tissue.

And it is MSim behind the content and skills exercises available on the da Vinci® Skills Simulator, developed in collaboration with Intuitive Surgical® and launched in 2011. The joint install base of dV-Trainers and Skills Simulators is approaching 1,500 units worldwide, making MSim the most widely used simulation platform.

Partial Nephrectomy 3D video

Using the dV-Trainer, Partial Nephrectomy trainees interact with anatomical regions using virtual robotic instruments within augmented 3D video.

“MSim has been the common denominator in Mimic’s evolution over the past decade from an initial focus on da Vinci console overview and basic exercises to our current comprehensive offering that includes team training, procedure-specific modules, and our dedicated training and education organization, MimicMED,” said Jeff Berkley, PhD, CEO, Mimic Technologies. “There is no question that the benefits of simulation will continue to grow in importance as time goes on.”

A key differentiator for MSim is the MScore™ performance evaluation system. The only true proficiency-based assessment system for robotics, MScore measures a dV-Trainer user’s performance against data collected from more than 100 experienced surgeons who all have completed 75 or more robotic cases. It also allows institutions to build their own curriculum and custom training protocols.

A recent analysis of the dV-Trainer installed base data revealed that approximately 35% of sessions run as part of a custom curriculum. And, institutions using custom curricula average 75% higher utilization of the simulator than those without.

“We believe training providers should be able to leverage successful training curriculums used by others, but should also have the ability to customize a program to fit their own unique needs,” Berkley said. “MScore and the dV-Trainer are essential tools that make this possible.”

To see a video and learn more about Mimic’s “Innovation in Simulation Timeline,” visit:pages.MimicSimulation.com/MSim3.0.html

Mimic Technologies, Inc, founded in 2001 and based in Seattle, is a pioneer and leader in robotic surgery simulation and training. The dV-Trainer by Mimic was the first simulator to recreate the look and feel of the da Vinci® Surgery System from Intuitive Surgical. The dV-Trainer is validated by independent studies and used in clinical sites worldwide.

  • For more information about Maestro AR: pages.MimicSimulation.com/MaestroAR.html
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MimicMED offers a simulation-based curriculum that accelerates the adoption of the latest robotic technologies, techniques, and surgical skill expertise. Residents, fellows, and surgeons of all experience levels can earn CME credits during hands-on sessions using the dV-Trainer.

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