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Industry-leading metrics and scoring system

Objective skills assessment is critical in robotic surgery training. To measure a trainee’s level of proficiency, the dV-Trainer® uses the comprehensive metrics and experienced surgeon data of Mimic’s MScore®. It allows administrators to track performance and learning progress over time, personalize user accounts, create and share customized simulation curricula, manage courses, and export data for in-depth analysis.

Expert performance benchmarks

Featuring data collected from experienced robotic surgeons (who have performed a minimum of 75 robotic cases, typically many more), MScore® assessment is based on expert mean and standard deviation values for each metric and each exercise (similar to the FLS™ protocol*) to facilitate credentialing and privileging.

Enforce high standards for both safety and efficiency

MScore® groups the exercise metrics into categories of “Quality and Efficiency” (such as time to complete tasks, efficient use of instruments and master controllers, etc.) and “Risk and Safety” (such as dropping objects, instrument collisions, excessive force, misapplied energy, etc.). Whereas other scoring systems allow users to “compensate” for low scores in certain areas by performing well in others (e.g., completing a task very quickly, but sacrificing mistakes), MScore® proficiency measurements require trainees to pass every single metric in every category in order to pass the exercise. Furthermore, the MScore® scoring history can be used to find the most important areas for improvement, whether viewed locally on the simulator or tracked remotely via the MScore Portal.

Ensure consistent performance for proficiency

The notion of achieving proficiency at any task involves showing that you can consistently reach high-performance standards at every metric. MScore® is designed to require multiple passing scores at each measurement before labeling a user as “proficient”, preventing users from assuming success after a single attempt.

Customize your benchmarks

Administrators of Mimic simulators are able to customize the scoring protocol to fit the needs of their institution. Some institutions, for example, prefer to set their own performance standards based on their own top surgeons. Metric baselines and proficiency requirements can easily be updated to create training standards as rigorous as you desire.

*Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) is endorsed by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and jointly offered by SAGES and ACS. The SAGES/ACS FLS Program does not endorse this product or company.