Realistic and life-like simulation for all core robotic skills
Mimic’s proprietary MSim® simulation engine is at the heart of Mimic’s mission to prepare surgeons to deliver better care. Mimic’s MSim® software provides realistic simulation to address all core robotic skills:

  • Wristed instrument dexterity
  • Camera/endoscope control and clutching
  • Grasping and retraction
  • Needle driving, suturing, and knot-tying
  • Monopolar and bipolar energy application
  • Safe and efficient use of 3rd instrument arm
  • Advanced instrumentation such as robotic staplers, vessel sealers, and clip appliers

Advanced curriculum development and sharing
In addition to simulation training, MSim® provides best-in-class administration tools for educators to create, import, and export customized training protocols, as well as assign and track user’s progress through designated curricula.

The global leader in simulation
MSim® was first unveiled to world in 2008 to provide the first-ever simulation training for the da Vinci® robot. Since 2010, Intuitive Surgical has been licensing MSim® exercises from Mimic, which have been deployed on approximately 3,000 da Vinci® Skills Simulators™, and it is estimated that over 6 million Mimic exercise sessions have been performed.

Since 2012, Mimic has extended MSim® beyond the dV-Trainer® to provide the benefits of Mimic simulation to team training (Xperience Team Trainer™ ), procedure-specific modules (MaestroAR® ) and to Mimic's new portable platform for console training (FlexVR ).