Our Story

How Mimic became the
simulation pioneer in the healthcare industry.

Simulation Pioneers
Jeff Berkley, Mimic’s founder, began working as a consultant for a surgery simulation company in 1996, where his focus was real-time continuum mechanic based modeling of soft tissue. Jeff saw first-hand how doctors were reluctant to accept virtual surgery as a valid tool for medical training, given the lack of realism that technology provided at that time. Jeff saw an opportunity to build a company that could solve some of the technological challenges necessary to overcome the doctor’s objections. With these problems solved, surgical simulation has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry.It was during Jeff’s PhD work at University of Washington’s Human Interface Technology Laboratory that Jeff founded Mimic Technologies with the primary objective of providing new solutions that enable a truly realistic simulation experience through software and hardware. Our vision, and passion, is to fuse virtual reality and surgical robotics to create revolutionary products and unique services that will profoundly impact people’s lives.

Mimic is a wholly owned subsidiary of Surgical Science Sweden AB since 2021