Hospital Programs

Unify robotics training, testing, and monitoring across all system hospitals

Whether it is residency programs or credentialing for faculty surgeons, the Mimic program can be customized to meet the training needs of different target groups. From simulation rehearsal to hands-on training in the OR, Mimic can help facilitate a comprehensive robotics program that is designed to improve surgical outcomes while minimizing costs.

A crucial imperative of the Mimic program is to simplify the oversight responsibilities of educators and program coordinators. Mimic strives to distil vast amounts of training data and deliver it in simple dashboards and reports so that hospital stakeholders can make actionable decisions based on objective data. With Mimic’s cloud-based data collection, advanced analytics and web portal, the readiness of a trainee can always be determined in an instant.  

Training Hub

The “training hub” of a hospital system sets standards and provides premium training for all partner hospitals

  • Mimic works with robotics committees to establish training protocols and testing benchmarks. 
  • Utilizing high fidelity simulators, such as Mimic’s dV-Trainer® and Xperience Team Trainer®, and in-the-OR training, comprehensive training is provided for all surgeons and robotics teams within a hospital system.

Partner Hospitals

Mimic's advanced analytics help executives assess surgeon risk & efficiency before they enter the OR

  • Mimic’s portable and storable FlexVR simulator allows lower volume hospitals to receive training on an “as-needed” basis.

  • Mimic’s integrated system collects all training data and forwards assessment to the training hub to allow objective decisions on who is safe to enter the OR.

Targeted Training

Training is customized to each surgical team to ensure that expert performance is achieved as efficiently as possible

  • Surgeon and team training are monitored to ensure standards are met prior to the surgical team entering the operating room.

  • Individuals requiring additional training are directed to the training hub for advanced training and support.