SAGES Attendees Invited for a First Look at a Revolutionary New Portable Training System for Robotic Surgery

Portable, Storable, Personal, Flexible. See what’s inside at this year’s SAGES. (Watch Sneak Peek Video.)

In a world where robotic surgery is becoming more prevalent, Mimic is introducing the first simulator designed with mobility, flexibly, and storability in mind.

Ideal for training centers and robotic surgeons looking for a more personal training experience, the new FlexVR™ will be on display at this year’s SAGES, March 22-24, in Houston, Texas.

The annual meeting, designed to encourage communication and collaboration among the world’s top surgeons, is the perfect place to unveil a groundbreaking new technology that makes it easier for any robotic surgeon, from novice to experienced, to train in the privacy of their own home or office.

Supporting the same top training programs found on the full size dV-Trainer, the FlexVR™ is light in weight but not in power. In addition to the MSim psychomotor skills software and Maestro AR procedure-specific skills software, FlexVR™ also utilizes Mimic’s MScore administrative software allowing for personalized curriculum development and user proficiency tracking. MScore Portal allows all user data to be stored, backed up, and accessed in the cloud so that your program data is always at your fingertips.

Portable, Storable, Personal, Flexible, be among the first to see what’s inside FlexVR™ at this year’s SAGES. Schedule a demo now:

Watch the FlexVR™ Sneak Peek Video Now!

Jonathan Henning
direct: 206.456.9172