Simulation Software

Advanced simulation & comprehensive analytics

MSim® is Mimic’s proprietary simulation technology. Built from the ground up and refined for more than a decade, MSim® powers the exercises available on each of Mimic’s simulation platforms (FlexVR, dV-Trainer®, XTT™ ) as well as Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci® Skills Simulators (DVSS).

MaestroAR® (Augmented Reality) is an interactive educational tool developed in collaboration with Mimic’s clinical partners to provide procedure-specific learning in augmented reality. The modules present the user with an immersive 3D learning environment, combining footage of an actual surgical case with Mimic’s proven MSim® simulation platform.

For objective performance evaluation, Mimic simulation users benefit from MScore®. Built-in to all of Mimic’s simulation platforms, MScore® incorporates experienced surgeon data to establish proficiency-based scoring benchmarks – an industry first and Mimic exclusive.

MSim® software for da Vinci® Skills Simulator

Since 2010, Intuitive Surgical has been licensing Mimic software to provide simulation training solutions for their customers. A subset of Mimic’s simulation software is provided on each da Vinci® Skills Simulator  (dVSS). For da Vinci Xi® owners, advanced exercise packages are available for purchase through Mimic.