Tips to Take Your Robotics Program to the Next Level

Here are some tips that may help you take your robotics program to the next level:

• Encourage your robotics committee to establish minimum credentialing thresholds of simulation performance.
• Create accounts for all trainees (i.e., no training under “guest”). This ensures performance can be tracked.
• Implement Mimic curriculum to test for innate ability of residents and fellows. Predict who is most likely to excel in your robotics program.
Ensure training data is regularly uploaded to the cloud with Mimic’s MScore Portal so it can be easily reviewed by your robotics committee. Allow Mimic to customize a dashboard of the data/analytics.
• Use Mimic data analytics to compare your institution’s performance to other hospitals in your IDN or the rest of the world in terms of quality, efficiency, safety, and risk.
Increase access to training by providing simulators outside of the operating room with Mimic’s dV-Trainer (a surgeon console emulator) or FlexVR (a portable simulator that trainees can take home).
Promote team training between the surgeon and the first assist with Mimic’s Xperience Team Trainer. Trainees should prove competence as a first assist before they begin training at the surgeon’s console.
Introduce trainees to procedures with surgeon-lead simulation, Maestro AR (prostatectomy with Drs. Patel & van der Poel, partial nephrectomy with Dr. Gill, hysterectomy with Dr. Advincula, and inguinal hernia with Dr. Low).
Earn CMEs when attending advanced hands-on robotics training programs with MimicMED and MimicMED partners, such as with Florida Hospital Nicholson Center (home of MimicMED), UPMC Center for Advanced Robotics Training (CART), and the STAN Institute at Nancy Hospital (France).

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