Xperience Team Trainer


Another industry innovation that started with Mimic

Safe and efficient team performance is critical to the success of any robotic surgical program. Mimic was the first simulation company to recognize the importance of training the team and worked with many surgeons and first assists over several years to develop the Xperience Team Trainer (XTT). The Xperience Team Trainer functions as a complementary hardware unit for the dV-Trainer® to provide surgeons and laparoscopic assistants with the ability to safely train together outside of the OR in the same virtual environment. This allows robotic teams to practice communication and optimize preparedness in order to maximize patient safety and improve overall efficiency of their robotic procedures.

Attention to users, attention to detail

Mimic designed the XTT from the ground up to be a team trainer, not just another lap training device.

  • Recognizing that different robotic procedures have different port locations for laparoscopic instruments and that laparoscopic assistants must work around the robotic arms and instruments, Mimic designed the XTT with port adjustment features that allow the first assist to practice under demanding, real-life conditions.
  • Recognizing that many studies have shown that laparoscopic tasks are facilitated by the sensation of force that a lap instrument user feels in real life, Mimic designed the XTT with best-in-class haptic feedback on the laparoscopic instrument grips.
  • Recognizing that first assistants need a way to practice their skills when it is not convenient to have a console-side partner with whom to train, Mimic designed the XTT to support a suite of exercises that can be performed as stand-alone laparoscopic exercises.

Software tailored for team training

A high level of teamwork requires precise verbal communication and the ability to anticipate and react to one another’s movements during common procedural tasks. Mimic has adapted 13 of their most effective basic skills exercises to require varying levels of teamwork. Skills such as handoffs, retractions, and clipping have been included. Additionally, Mimic has included 11 supplemental exercises to provide a stand-alone laparoscopic training platform.

Measuring individual and team performance

The Xperience Team Trainer leverages Mimic’s unique MScore® evaluation system, which factors in comprehensive metrics and experienced surgeon data. MScore® allows options for scoring the surgeon’s and first assistant’s performance on exercises separately, as well as for combined proficiency.